About Us

Pinnacle Homes was incorporated in May 1992, and was one of the first to be registeredsandrimthumb under the new 1999 legislation in British Columbia, requiring all builders to be licensed and

I have always been drawn to custom homes rather than track or spec homes because of the unique qualities each home will have in design, construction methods and final finish. Each home presents new challenges on a near daily basis.

I like working closely with the individual homeowners to create the home of their dreams. We work as a team to ensure they fully understand each and every step of the process.

My service starts before the plans are even drawn. I help in interviews to find and direct designers and architects and I assist through the preliminary design stages to help reduce the number of “redraws” prior to final prints. Once the plans are finalized, the homeowner and I work together to create a working budget that reflects the level of construction and finishes they would like to see in their new home.

My approach to the construction phase of the project is the same as the pre-construction phase: attention to detail, quality construction, on-site supervision, and open to new and changing ideas as the home starts to take shape.

Take a look at some of my more recent projects and if you’re thinking of building your own dream home and have questions on how to get started, please contact us.